Registry Cleaner Free

Do We Really Need a Free Registry Cleaner?


A free registry cleaner is software designed to remove registry entries pointing to program, DLL, uninstalled program, font or other information that is no longer there on the system. These invalid entries are a result of poorly written uninstallers, system crash or when a program is not uninstalled properly. A registry cleaner free of cost should only be used to solve some problem and not as a regular part of a system software.

If you choose a registry repair program to solve a computer problem, make sure that it is safe and reliable because a poorly coded tool or one that removes the registry entries improperly can cause several problems in your computer. It can also cause the Windows to stop working.

A free registry cleaner fixes one or more of the following problems:

  • Fix errors that may have been caused after improper program uninstall
  • Shortcuts or files that are linked to an uninstalled program
  • Low computer response time
  • Delayed booting

There are a number of reliable free registry cleaners available that can help you remove the registry entries from your system and solve a number of issues. When you are running a registry cleaner free of charge in your system, opt for the portable version of the cleaner and not the installable version. Also, while using the tool, utilize the utilities registry backup feature so that you can solve a problem if any arises after the registry cleaning.

A free registry cleaner is supposed to be used in normal mode and not safe mode. Many people think that since the program may be unsafe, it is better to use it in safe mode; this is not at all true.

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